Ajay Amitabh Suman Facebook "Even a little is a lot"
The consciousness of the Poet has expanded itself to such an extent, that he is able to communicate with a leaf. The lovely dialogue between the heart of a Poet and a leaf. Heart Touching. Wonderful.

Rich ideas Poetry Alliance Facebook “Even a little is a lot”
Ahhh so delightful, dainty and delicate as a rose bud in dew. I love personification as everything that exists is alive to me, is spirit; very shamanic and pagan view. You bring this little fractal of the Source completely into being, you even give her a kind of personalty. leaf is most definitely female. Your imagery is quite exquisite and your form works tenderly well.

Saroja BS Google+ "A sunset on the hill"
Nature's beauty combined with man's curiosity has found a wonderful expression from the heart of a great poet.

Joaquín Lourido Google + “Elusive"
You touch the soul so strong that the muse can not resist ... Deep, tender and romantic.

Sandra Zanetti Facebook "Inafferrabile"
Bellissima!... Sai rendere in modo eccellente ogni sensazione e ogni stato d'animo.
Complimenti Gianfranco!

Tokede Opeyemi Facebook "I go beyond"
Beautiful. Endearingly so. The words paint a picture that is lovely and imaginable and worth working towards. Really good keywords mapping out the length and breadth of the beautiful dwelling.

Tokede Opeyemi It is easy to get bored of pieces like this, until one remembers the power of nature's appeal, and how one cannot help but try (at the very least) share this beauty with others. It then creates a new found appreciation, at the very least, a grudging understanding of the word 'Irresistible...'

Cheryl Crockett Google+ Inner peace
I like the way you put words together.

Ari Art Google + "An enthralling match"
I like the lightness of your feather.

James Vandenbrink Google+ "The jasmine"
You seem to have a good grip on things, thanks for the wonderful poetry.

Lucio Wanderley Wand Google + "On those days"
"... Nestes dias..quando o Sol..um vislumbre do céu..tristezas das sombras da tarde..ecos distantes..inesquecivel...",nostalgias persistentes voltam a incomodar,incomodar como um grito do silêncio preso na garganta a dilacerar.Gianfranco,belamente bem concebido,com a leveza sublime de uma brisa de uma manhã de verão e,a interiorização cortante dos ventos frios do ártico.Tudo de bom para você.

Karen Hayward Google+ "Like the dawn"
Well done Gianfranco, your poetry is always an absolute delight to read.

Helena Dias Google+ "Like the dawn"
The beauty and elegance mixed with an exquisite sensitivity ....

Arthur Turfa Google+ "Like the dawn"
Double wow! You really set a mood here and in such a lovely way!

Kathy Lyons Google+ "Cocktail of love"
Incredible one of two, no matter the source, just beautiful in every way! Masterpiece of love!

Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook “Solo alla fine”
Soave.dolce poesia, dove dolcezza e delicatezza si intrecciano, dando al lettore sensazioni ed emozioni uniche ... grande poeta...esploratore dell' animo umano… cantore dei sentimenti più belli e profondi...

Tokede Opeyemi Facebook “Only at the end”
Such beautiful contrasts to get to the desired end. This is lovely.

M Macharia Google + Words on "Only at the end"
My mod choice for the week ending May 19, 2018 is "Only at the end".
Gianfranco Aurilio's skillful use of simile and metaphor is amazing.
If you read it out loud you will pick up on the poem's assonance (sound repetition) which lends this piece the graceful quality of internal music.
Stop by for a visit if you haven't had a chance!

Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook Raccolta “Delicatamente … dentro di noi”
Il titolo dice già tutto, quel tocco delicato dell'anima dentro di noi in quel turbinio di emozioni che si accavallano, si intrecciano in un'orchestra di suoni, parole ed emozioni sei sempre un grande, grande cantore dell'anima umana , grande conoscitore dei grovigli dell'anima cantati con delicatezza, naturalezza e dolcezza.

Lexi Alexis Google+ “Who’s to blame?”
Masterful, Gianfranco! They say money talks...but it neither talks nor listens. Excellent poetry...deep truths.

JT Smith Google + "To put it simply"
Romantica. Love transcends every grain, every molecule, every star's heart beat. Definitely a poem with a sound of delicacy.

Raziela Ronlin Google + "To put it simply"
Très beau poème, Gianfranco. Émouvant et touchant.

Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook “Solo l’amore”
Sei davvero il poeta dell'amore per eccellenza, per il linguaggio, per la musicalità dei versi e per la profondità delle parole. Sei davvero un grande poeta.

Tina G Google + "Only love"
You have redefined love in its most mystified form...!!!

Michelle Spranger Facebook "Solo l'amore"
So true, my dear friend. Love aches in loneliness when we feel its absence, rises like a tide when fulfilled. Your pen has magic, thank you for writing so elegantly. It is simple but speaks volumes.

Shiju H. Pallithazheth Facebook "Mosaic of love"
I love the way you write, it’s quite unique and pleasant

Michelle Spranger Facebook "Mosaic of love" (Italian version)
Enchanting poem. You are a craftsman with the written word... Gorgeous in the details, sweeping in poem's last image. You have this beautiful talent; never stop writing.

Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook "I bei momenti insieme"
Che bellezza in queste parole armoniose e belle....nel labirinto del cuore la ragione si perde ...hai proprio ragione nel cuore non c'è ragione ma amore e l'amore non risponde alle logiche della mente...non riesco a non leggere e come tu possa con grande arte rappresentare in modo dolcissimo i movimenti dell'anima, Nessuno è capace di dare tanta profondità e musicalità alle parole .

James Boyle Facebook "So ... what happens now?"
I have read many poems,but yours is truly unique.

Gerda Maria Facebook "So ... what happens now?
Thanks for taking us with you on this magic journey...

Bruce R. Barker Facebook "Mosaic of love" (Italian version)
In Ireland, we are, I think absolute masters of sarcastic satire.
This is why we Irish have come up with confounding / confusing ways of expressing our true feelings.
As an example, I will now tell you that your poetry is 'DEADLY!!!'
As an Irishman this is my way of saying your poems are grand, great, fabulous, wonderful..
You get my point.
I truly love reading your poems. I am so pleased that I somehow stumbled upon you and your very talented creativity.
It has been so long since my seminary days / years. But I believe the Italian word I'm looking for is MAGNIFICO!!!

Sandra Zanetti Facebook "Dove sei, primavera?" (versione inglese)
Bella e profonda, come tutte le tue poesie.
È vero: le cose belle sono in primis dentro di noi, nascono dalla nostra serenità. Fuori c'è solo la loro proiezione...
Complimenti Gianfranco per saper rendere sempre così bene le sfaccettature dell'animo umano.

My mod choice for the week ending November 17, 2018 is +Gianfranco Aurilio's "Malice".
This poem strikes me as an epiphany:
- the description of why he loves the subject, and
- the ending
I revisited several times and each time, this poem opens me to a world of the transcendent and sublime.
Stop by for a visit!

Maya Gentry Google +

You have a way with words.

Hassan Fakran Google +

J'ai eu le plaisir de lire la majorité de vos merveilleux texte.

Inorganic Benzene Google +

Another delightful read as usual !

Harlan Hollenbeck Google +

Another well written poem full of creative emotional imagery.

Donna Earle Google+. comment on "A dream"

A gorgeous dream. A gorgeous poem

Rangorath - AllPoetry, comment to "Ephemeral richness"

Clever job. A beautiful poem created aesthetically. Summarize the story: a very elegant way of expressing romance.Yes

ephemeral richness is a kiss of lover nothing can replace it at the moment.

Helena Dias Google + comment on "The countryside party"

Exquisite and rainbowed ode to Spring!! Wonderful imagery and a delightful write!!

Sum James Google + comment on "The countryside party"

This is so beautifully written. Excellent!

Chrissypt - AllPoetry - comment on A sunset on the hill

Lovely. I am learning the art of poetry, and I feel like your poems sing to me you have such a lovely way of writing it is just beautiful.

The followings are commnets on All Poetry on "In the shadow of the peach-tree":

Eric Echwaaz - Love is soothing

Hearthrob - Nicely penned. Love can be very poetic. Soft and sweet, and tender as a peach when it's ripe. Thank you for your romantic piece. It was very nice. God bless.

Bohari Mohammad - Nicely done Wow..Great write My favourite line was 'we naked as the earth'

Abstractrecon - Very intense.

Petunia 25 - Beautiful

Mgnmurthy4 - In the shadow of the peach tree: Intimacy expressed in refined language! M.G.N.Murthy, Hyderabad, India.

kevin - Amazing Stellar! Wished for stanza breaks and for it to be longer...

gypsum - Love that colour, a wonderful tale, love that tree. enjoyed,

Closeface - Nicely penned. absolutely beautiful. lovely wording and flow.

Percival86jack - Nicely penned Loved this one, my friend!!! GREAT!

Tshepisotema - GREAT ONE

Kayla Lynne - Lovely. I thought this was a very clever poem. I liked the comparisons of the couple and the earth.

Darlene Daire Allpoetry poem "In the nights"

you are a wonderful writer, keep writing

Mustang Charlie Google+

I like reading yours over and over.....with each l gain a new treasure....

Lora Olegovna Google +, poesia "All'ombra del pesco"


Roby Scarpa Google +, poesia "Quando eri una stella"

semplicemente ...STUPENDA!!! buon pomeriggio, Gianfranco , e complimenti!! mi piace molto il tuo modo di scrivere !!

Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook "Quando eri una stella"

Ciao, Gianfranco, leggerti è sempre un piacere immenso perchè nelle tue espressioni sai creare immagini suggestive e belle e poi sai emozionare con le tue parole così ebbre d'amore e di emozioni , sei un grande regista delle parole abbracciate alle emozioni più belle..

Ornella Minerva Google + poesia "Una persona speciale"

Musica per i miei occhi amico..

Women of Substance Google +

Always great poetry

Sumita Biswas Facebook poem "It will come to you"

Beautiful composition ...you are indeed a great poet sir

Welcome to my art and friends world. Proud to be your friend. GREETINGS FROM INDIA

Tarun Chotaliya Hello Poetry

Your poems are absolutely breathtaking. Keep writing !

11 Apr by Sean Scribbles Poetfreak poem "Sores of love"

Wow... Some strong ink indeed.

18 Apr by Jane Taylor Hardy Poetfreak poem "A pale summer"

beautifully rendered poetry....thank you for sharing your art.

al m Google + poem "Dark night"

It's so great to have you posting with us. I always enjoy reading, seeing, and waiting for what you'll post next.

Thanks for being you

Helena Dias Google +, poem "I would like to be a child"

So emotive and moving ... it hurts just by reading !! Impressive, painful, inspiring and wonderful write!!

Cyril WarmHoney Facebook poem "I would like to be a child"

I too tremble and suffer,I am cold,I am scared...the unheard cry of the poor,the rejected,the lonely and the forsaken,in the twilight zones of existence...elevated diction,simple but sublime...master ink...kudos

Paola B. Google +

Caro Gianfranco, con le tue poesie puoi farci leggere la bellezza

Foto del profilo di Ero Zeno

Ero Zeno Google + comment to the poem "The gardens of delights"

A truly delightful work of art! Thank you very much for sharing!

Liz Browning Facebook comment to the poem "The gardens of delights"

How beautiful and romantic words you have woven, Gianfranco..just love it..

Anna M Ayyad Facebook comment to the poem "The gardens of delights"


Liz Browning Facebook

Your collection of " A Day of Spring" is overwhelming. They always seems to be coming from the heart.

Frederick Andre Words on Fire Google +

"The Tears" by Gianfranco Aurilio is my next choice for the week ending 9 July.

Once again on the confluence of head and heart, this spare and elegant piece clearly depicts the neighboring avenues of expression for those disparate but irrevocably entwined aspects of self.

Michael Garland, Google +, “The shell and the rock”

I love to compare the translation to the words provided.  The is an wonderful and touching write .  The sea is an epic and constant force , the reader can identify with the shell and the rock the interplay and final question are  brilliant. A truly elegant write.

Frederick Andrew  Words on Fire (Weekly Mod Picks)  -  10 lug 2016

The Tears by Gianfranco Aurilio is my next choice for the week ending 9 July.

Once again on the confluence of head and heart, this spare and elegant piece clearly depicts the neighboring avenues of expression for those disparate but irrevocably entwined aspects of self.

Sachet Khatiwada Google + “The shell and the rock”

Truly amazing Mr. Gianfranco Aurilio. You are really awesome.

Christine Goodfield

It's always such a pleasure to read such high qualities in poetry from yourself and others.

You're very welcome, credit where credit is due.

Sky Fall, Poetfreak, poem "Only for a moment"

I love your use of repetition to not only illustrate your vehement emotions, but to show the benevolence of the elements as well. This is beautiful. I'm so glad I took the opportunity to read this. Well done!!

Rai, Poetfreak, poem "Only ofr a moment"

Words of a warrior, to not lose hope even when the world crumbles apart. I despaired as your words so succinctly described in the beginning but as all firebird rode again by the cue of your last line.
M Macharia Google + “Grape-harvest”
This poem, in my honest opinion, is a work of art.
Michele Gagliardi Facebook “Vendemmia”
Trasporta nelle emozioni, nel sentimento. Coinvolge emotivamente.
M Macharia Google + "Grape-harvest"
Grape-harvest” is a delightful poem capturing the charm and appeal of a rustic way of life.
Gianfranco Aurilio uses imagery in such an effective way that he transports the reader effortlessly to the scene of his story.