The dewy field
beside the skyscraper
where the color green is colored with white
when the day wakes
on the cold Winter mornings,
the two eucalypts at the end of the road
the only ones left
after the asphalt and the concrete
made disappear
the huts and the bushes
where we kids used to hide,
the improvised soccer fields
where in the place of land and grass
now cars whiz by,
my childhood and adolescence home,
that now I open when I can
and people and stories
come to life
and take me back
to the times flown away too soon,
that dewy field
those eucalypts
those soccer fields
that house,
are my portrait of love
and I paint it everyday
in the canvas of my life
and when everything is all over
I will sign that painting
with my best smile.

January 18, 2022