I ran along the banks of a river
chasing butterflies
with a human face
and I found myself
in a crystal glass,
over my head
there was a starry sky
when a comet
with the colors of a rainbow
approached me
and carried me away
on its trail made of rubies and topazes
and amethyst colored flowers.
I fell asleep
until a warm wind
caressed my hands
and the notes of a violin
seemed to come from a mountain
with water walls
and sea surf.
A green tulip
with wings of fire
a mane of leaves
and transparent eyes
had a parchment in its mouth
that rested on my feet
while a forest was singing
surrounding me
with unknown trees and scents.
I opened up the parchment
and it said “I love you”,
I looked above,

and your kisses woke me up.

January 6, 2022