What are you doing
always on the steps
of a dark and lonely office?
Are you watching the world pass you by
despising and hating it
even if after all you hope
to be able one day to be a part of it?
And would like to do it right away
because you can’t wait any longer
but you don't want to and you can't do it.
What are you waiting for?
For it to snow in the Summer
for the sun to rise at night
to see the stars during the day
or for a prince to knock on your door?
He will not knock.
What are you doing on the steps
of a dark and loney office?
Are you dreaming of a world you would like,
of walking hand in hand
with the person you love
even if the person does not yet exist?
The world does not hate you
and there are many people
who are waiting to be loved by you
or who are waiting to love you
but you will not find them there
on the steps
of a dark and lonely office.

December 12, 2021