Where will the wind take me,
the wind that turned me into a feather
at the mercy of the waves,
into a foilage of a tree
by the rage of a storm,
into a straw twig
bent by the whims of love?
Will it propel my ship,
without sail or keel,
towards the beach of roses,
that torment my body with passion,
the beach of orchids,
whose beauty dazzles my eyes,
toward the beach of tulips,
that enchant my imagination
with caresses of velvet,
or toward the beach of daisies,
with their youthfulness
that reminds me of Spring?
Push me, wind,
toward the love that pleases you
but I beg you,
don't let my heart bear regrets.
Don't let me fall in love
with someone whom I cannot love
or I don't want to love
because I have this only life
and life is the only race
where the further you go
the more you want to go back.
I don't want,
I don't want to go back
for a lost love.

November 10, 2021