everytime your heart
is about to give in to love
you turn away from me?
You look like a wave
that approaches the shore
and draws back.
Why are you afraid of loving me?
Maybe you would feel like a sailor
at the mercy of a storm?
A feather
lifted by the wind
or a twig
in a rushing stream?
Are you afraid maybe
that the lake of your life ripples
and from a lake it turns into a sea
and from a sea it turns into an ocean?
Maybe you are afraid of not feeling well
and to feel your body
drunk with love,
your mind
that projects always the same movie
with my pictures
my voice
our memories
our hopes
our passion?
Why are you afraid of loving me?
Even a sailor at the mercy of a storm
can make a pleasant swing,
a feather can dance in the air,
a twig in a stream
can run smiling,
a lake would never have
the depth of an ocean.
Love is a drug
and in old age you would regret
that you had not succumbed
to the sweetest slavery.
Why are you afraid of loving?
The sprinkling water
onto a smoking volcano is useless.
It would never be extinguished.

Such is your hidden love for me.

October 24, 2021