I devoted my whole life to beauty
and when I asked her
to show her true face,
so I could love her
all my life,
without looking for anything else,
she took me to a field of flowers
and asked me to choose one,
but everytime I chose one
there was always another one
I liked better.
she took me on a hill
facing the sea
and then asked me to watch the sunset
until the rising of the 12th moon
and to choose one.
I couldn't choose
because there was always a more beautiful sunset.
she took me to the highest mountain
where the sky was an embroidery of stars
and asked me which one was the brightest one,
but my eyes
were dazzled by so much light
and I couldn't answer.
It was then that I realized
that beauty
has always a most beautiful face
and if I wanted to devote my life to her,
I would have to give up love
because only those who can see with their heart
can find love.

December 5, 2021