When planet Earth
was created
to the first human beings
were given six seeds,
together with the freedom of planting them
and choosing which of them
should be the most fertile.
Man planted them
and from the seed of cruelty
was born the forest,
that grows luxuriant,
where surviving
is necessary to live,
from love was born the river,
that doesn’t flow straight
but is forced to bend,
from wickedness was born the sea,
made with the tears
shed because of pain,
from goodness was born the desert
because it's parched and seedless,
from greed was born the mountain,
that never stops
and wants to touch the sky,
and from respect was born the plain,
often burned and stomped on
by herds and flocks of animals.
Only when men
have destroyed their world,
the six seeds
will be planted once more
but this time
from love will be born the forest,
strong and luxuriant,
from goodness will be born the mountain,
that will go farther
to reach the sky,
from respect will be born the plain once more,
that will always be burned and stomped on,
from greed will be born the sea,
men will not live there
but it will always be there in abundance,
from wickedness will be born the river,
that will have to bow to respect,
and in the end
from the seed of cruelty,
the most horribile and dangerous,
will be born the desert
for it will be barren and will not flourish
because few people will want it,
because where there is desert
there will not be man.

July 25, 2021