In a small secluded village
in the Mountains of the Four Winds
there is a stone fountain
built in the rock.
Nobody knows who made it
but from the immemorial time
it is known as The Fountain of Love.
The legend tells
that the wish of whoever drinks its water
and asks for something
love can do
will be fulfilled.
Just a few foreigners
know the secret
of The Fountain of Love
and one of these
arrived one day in the village
to make a wish
but after having drunk the water
he got disappointed.
He begged a near old man
to explain why
his wish wasn’t fulfilled
and the old man asked:
“What did you want from love?”
“I wanted to forget”
the foreigner replied
and the old man,
almost surprised, said:
“Love can make you smile,
it can kill you,
it can make you be born again,
it can make you happy,
it can drive you mad,
it can make you jealous,
fall ill, get well,
it can let you feel joy,
envy, despair,
it can make you know sadness
melancholy, pain,
Love knows how to do many things
but it doesn’t know how to forget.”

February 10, 2021