This is the story
of a good and sensitive wizard,
as powerful
as often fallible
in discerning right from wrong.
He loved his family
and his love was reciprocated,
but his wife
began to have health problems
and his four children,
at that time already in their teens,
wanted that freedom
everyone needs to grow up
and this caused him anxieties and worries.
Where do they go?
With whom do they go?
What do they do?
Until one day,
tired of his fears
and unable
of caring for others
apart from himself,
he turned the whole family
into small chinaware statues.
He stores them in the ornament cupboards
and spends most of the day
looking at them,
always uttering the same sentence:
“I won, cruel life,
my dear ones will be with me forever,
safe and sound.”

February 28, 2021