Everyone sees him wandering
all over the city.
He is homeless
with only a single suitcase
and a blanket to sleep with.
When someone asked him
what was inside the suitcase,
he opened it
and inside it was empty
and with a blank look he said:
“As a child I had this suitcase
in my big house.
I always thought
I would fill it
with memories of the people I loved
but I failed to love
in my life.
When I lost my home
I took the suitcase with me,
and I had nothing to put in it
because I was not able
to love anybody,
only myself.
That's why I always carry it with me
and every now and then I open it,
to remind myself that a suitcase
is like the heart.
If you don't fill it,
it always remains empty.”

December 13, 2020