I don't want to be the poet
of this or that love.
I want to be the poet of love,
a love everyone can tell about
because it can be told,
of forbidden loves
that cannot be told
and no one wants to tell about
because forbidding
is easier than understanding,
of love that is about to be born
even if seems too good
to be true,
of that which is already born
and which will never come of age
and that that is already old
before it is born.
I want to be the poet of all loves,
of loves that are sad, cheerful,
difficult, impossible
and those that make
tears of joy, of bitterness fall,
of those desperate, hopeless,
of those that last a lifetime
and those that last for a bit
but which would have been
the loves of a lifetime.
I want to be the poet of love.
I want to sing about love,
all love,
because when we talk about love
what is the meaning
of building a wall in the sky?

December 27, 2021