You will always be
my passionate little mask,
met by chance
at a supermarket check-out counter,
queuing behind me.
All I did was turn around
with the excuse
of taking a peek around
all you did was to look at me,
with no excuses.
The only thing I will remember about you
are your eyes
as two suns at midnight,
like a midnight with the sun,
like the two of us
queuing at the supermarket checkout line
and never I again, I will be able to recognize you
and never again will you be able to recognize me.
Just a little white mask.
But why don't little masks
have telephone numbers?
At least the virus
would be useful.
You will always be
my passionate little mask
because the city is too big
to find ourselves again.
I could have waited for you
and I didn't.
I didn't know I would fall in love.
I’ve never fallen in love with a little mask.
I did today.

April 27, 2020