For those who in the morning
are always in a hurry
and instead of waking up five minutes earlier
they'd rather race with their car
to get there on time
in the office or at school,
for those who would like
that during their journey
the city turns into a desert,
without any obstacles
and without the need
to honk the horn all the time,
there's a new invention:
the armed car.
It is equipped with ground-to-air missiles
for the demolition of all the cars
that go slowly and slow down,
with machine guns on the sides
to shoot people or animals
that would like to cross the street,
detecting radar
that signals obstacles within a few miles
and short-range missiles
for cleaning up the route.
There is an invention
that represents better mankind?

April 11, 2018
From the collection "The soul glasses"
Copyright 2020 Gianfranco Aurilio