I need you, friends,
I need you, Sun,
your energy
in order not to die away
during the day
and you, Moon,
your perseverance
to always rise again,
without fear of tomorrow.
I need your light,
to shine in the dark
and your waves,
to reach the shore
even during storms.
I would like your courage,
my Waterfalls,
to always jump,
no matter how deep the precipice is
and you,
grant me your confidence
for me to walk
very long distances
and cross new lands,
without anything stopping me.
I need you,
to be able to look beyond the clouds
and your strength,
to resist and not get burned inside
by the overwhelming dryness.
You too help me,
because despite storms and hurricanes
you always come back blue
and you, Poetry,
never leave me
because only if I am touched
in front of a sunset
my heart
will still be able to love.

December 26, 2017