Once upon a time there was an evil king
who didn't love his people.
When he left the palace
he saw so much misery
and a lot of people wrote to him
asking for help
but he always answered:
"No need!"
because he said that a poor or a sick person
weren't needed
to increase his richness.
One day the king fell gravely ill.
His eyes and ears hurt so much
and cried out in pain,
until one night
he dreamt of someone who told him:
"He who has a heart
doesn't need ears
to listen
or eyes
to see,
but those that are heartless
despite having ears
don't listen
and while having eyes
don't see.
What are your eyes and ears for?
No need!"
The next morning
the king awoke blind and deaf.
He never had a heart
and now he didn't even have
eyes and ears
and since a blind, deaf and heartless king can't rule
he lost his crown.

August 18, 2017