Business was going well
for the meat seller
of the city market.
His meat was good
and also its price
and those sandwiches
that he was selling with grilled meat
they were delicious.
"How much does
a meat sandwich cost?”
a man asked the seller.
"Two slices of bread
and a grilled steak,
ten pennies."
"I only have two pennies
and I am incredibly hungry.
Could you, please, help me?”
The seller laughed
and almost with a sneer
he answered him:
"We don't do charity here.
But for two pennies,
I can give you two slices of bread
that I will put over the meat
on the grill
to make them tastier."
The man accepted
and the seller,
with both arms outstretched,
held the two slices of bread steady
while underneath the meat was grilling,
then he took the money
and gave the bread to the man,
who brought it underneath his nose
and he happily left while eating it.

August 9, 2017