The little girl told her mother
she wanted to learn how to write poetry
but didn't know how.
Her mother gave her
a pair of glasses
and told her
those were the glasses of the human soul.
The little girl wore them
and when she watched the sunset
the sky showed her all its colours,
when she looked at the moon
the moon told her a fairy tale,
when she looked up at the stars
she saw her dreams,
then she looked in the garden and saw the flowers
and felt happiness
and turning to her mother
she told her that she saw a teardrop
in her heart,
that didn't want to come out
it was afraid to upset
her little love
and she told her about the smile
that would light up her face
because she had also seen the happiness
in that mother's heart.
She then took off her glasses
and saw that there were no lenses
and then realized
that it was her soul
that was seeing for her.

November 22, 2017