I was walking
and you were in front of me,
with a group of friends,
almost dancing
as the flowers do
when the wind plays
the Spring melodies.
Without realizing
you were walking backwards towards me
and my eyes were only for you
as my heart
seemed to be a train gone mad.
I put a hand on your shoulder
to keep you from falling on me,
even though I wanted that,
I really wanted that!
We looked at each other
and in that moment
our eyes said everything,
as only they can.
I walked away
because at first a spark
is never a fire
which needs the night to burn,
sleepless night was that night.
We looked for each other
without finding each other
then one day
I felt a hand on my shoulder.
It was you.
We looked at each other
one more time
and since then
we walk hand in hand
never to lose each other again.

May 29, 2021