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Jean Billheimer Google + poem “On the pink rush”
You have such a lovely way with phrasing.
Domenico SattaIeri Google + poesia “The pink rush”
Sì, poesia ottima come sempre Gianfranco ! Disegno veramente eccellente, un vero tocco da maestro ! bravissimo ! !
Serena Alba Google + poesia “La collina delgli aranci”
Che poesia bellissima! Che disegno stupendo!!! Da guardare, da leggere, da sognare, da meditare!
John Ashleigh All poetry poesia “Ascoltando il mare” in Inglese
This is incredibly nostalgic, and I admire greatly the structuring. Beautiful.
krishna mohan Gooogle + poesia “Ascoltando il mare” in Inglese
beautiful poem – I became a child as I walked holding the shell to my ear! beautiful drawing too Gianfranco! Reading you always brings a smile to my face! May you bring smiles to many more!
krishna mohan That beautiful spirit always comes alive in your writing. You are wonderfully blessed Gianfranco and you share that blessing with us with grace!
Google + poesia “Autunno è nell’aria” in Inglese Skylark Hatee
Such a wonderous fairytale of write! Love it!
Google + poesia “Autunno è nell’aria” in Inglese krishna mohan
Lovely ode to the turn of the seasons! they can just as human as we are! I love the poem!
Gianfranco Aurilio
Yes, Krishna. Exactly: “as human as we are”. I like writing short fairytales in verses, giving life to anything. This concept of giving life to anything is, actually, my philosophy of life and it comes from the great sense of respect that I have for everything. Treating a piece of furniture, a rock, a cloth as the were humans, that is with respect, is a way of nurturing the concept of love that our world too often ignores. Thank you for your comment.
krishna mohan
You humble me with your beautiful comment! That thought you expressed is a prayer in and of itself! Your soul is imbued with divinity my dear friend!
Laura Jaet All poetry poesia “Oltre l’orizzonte” in Inglese
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!
Oshin A. All poetry poesia “Oltre l’orizzonte” in Inglese
Great oh wow. Oh wow. Brilliant work.
Skylark Hatee Google+ poesia “Il cespuglio di rove”, in Inglese
This is wonderful +Gianfranco Aurilio! I was simply entranced as I read!

Jhayde Nothingness Google+ poesia “Il cespuglio di rove”, in Inglese
Perfectly crafted about life and a bush. How those two were entwined together especially with the existence of the thorns and the shy reappearance of a rose.
3thoreau Google +, poesia “Il più bello”, in Inglese
…Wonderful words…my friend…and excellent drawing combination … (as always )…Very creative…intuitive…and with your heart beating on the words..
Bill Murray › Hello Poetry poem The most beautiful 
Sensational write
sma river Google+ poem “The poet”
Your words gave me goosebumps…chills. ))
3 Sep by Shaun .. Poetfreak poem “The most beautiful”
Magnetic, such a power in your write
Hassan Fakranii Google + poem “The tide”
Majestueux ! Merci
Seema Tabassum  Google + poem”The tide”
enchanting …magical…your poem..brought a smile …love it
Amity  Google+ poem “The tide”
You are amazingly talented

Crow Medicine – All Poetry, poem “Unforgettable” – Lovely job
Hey man. This is really good stuff right here. Lovely poetry for real for real. It is hard to pick a favorite line. The whole thing fits together seamlessly. I will say though that I really enjoyed it all, but the last line in particular I loved. Keep it up.
Judy Schwartz-Naber Google + poem “Unforgettable”
You are an accomplished artist. The picture is gorgeous. Your poetry is touching and moving….even translated. Thank you so much for sharing.
Angelo Baiunco Google+ poesia “Intolleranza”. Questi sono tra i versi più intensi, più intimamente immediati e alti che abbia letto dalla tua sensibilità. Non mi soffermo sulla loro thésis, che condivido tra l’altro e che sostengo (c’è una grande terribile verità in quella coppia di versi che sono il v. 3 e v.4).
Ma quel che mi preme far notare è l’azione profondamente lirica dell’attesa, quasi un’immolazione d’amore…
E poi quel “diventare una stella” che lo sublima nella stessa poesia e attraverso di essa. Nella poesia antica greco-ellenistica se ne cantò attraverso il catasterismo…
E… hai ragione: le stelle non si pongono problemi di sorta in fatto di amore e di amori. Si amano tra stelle. E’ questo che conta.
krystal queen Google+ poem “Intolerance”
Beautiful, you are already a star poet and an artist.
Rosella Lubrano Facebook poesia “Da sempre” Gianfranco, poesia di profondo sentire, scritta come un disegno, interessante e significativa, bravissimo..!
Gold Star  PointsLiza Sud Russia Poem Hunter poem “The little pearl box”
very charming! so intimate, so wise, so elegant!
Wyatt Peterson – Allpoetry poem “The little pearl box”
This is AMAZING! I cannot think of anything to change! I connected so much, I really felt it.
krishna mohan Google + poem “The little pearl box”
a beautiful and a precious poem my friend! The artwork is breathtaking!
Trina FulkIeri  Google+ poem “The little pearl box”
Oh,my friend,this is absolutely beautiful, you have a God given gift,never stop using it!!! The poem is flawless
Gianfranco Aurilio!!! The lady looks like a young Audrey Hepburn ,a very famous actress,very auwsome,all of it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Frederick Andrew Google + poem “The little pearl box”
Image & verse … remarkable, heart stopping.
Ple Delightful Google + poem “The little pearl box”
Fantastic write and art!
Amity Google + poem “The little pearl box”
I am speechless
Alexandra Manzanedo Google +
You’re a wonderful young poet, very talented. I really like your poetic expressiveness, your visual beauty in your poems and also accompanied by your beautiful pictures. Congratulations.
M Macharia Google + poem “The little pearl box”
Overflowing with internal rhyme & music. A lively piece.
al m Facebook poem “The gardens with the black flowers”
You are wonderfully artistic and thought provoking.
Cindow K 23:52 Facebook poem “The gardens with the black flowers”
I think this community has the most gifted and talented poets, artists, writers, photographers, and much much more! +Gianfranco Aurilio Wow! I keep looking at your drawing and poem and I am amazed at your talent! As I said, such talent and gifts are in abundance here! Thank you for sharing that gift of your heart with all of us!

Daseph J. Edwards Google +, poem “Overlooking the sky”
The way you paint a picture with words is remarkable. You break all rules of reality and the five senses.

10,000 Ripples  Google + poem “Overlooking the sky”
Your drawings and poems are fascinating.

CasMia – All Poetry – poem “Overlooking the sky”
Great. I love this. Makes me want to go to that magical world you created with perfect imagery.
Angelo Baiunco Google +, poesia “Nelle notti”
Un interessante esercizio espressivo. L’uso dell’enjambement in poesia ha radici classiche. Qui è in funzione modernamente, come dire… “climizzante”.
Crea una certa atmosfera irreale e al tempo stesso densa. Amo le espressività del simultaneo in poesia; così come la polidimensionalità, sia delle parole che del dettato poetico. Molte mie ricerche si muovono in tal senso… Credo che ogni poesia debba essere, anche nel suo piccolo, un evento innanzitutto letterario; deve cioè cercare di indagare fino a che punto può essere espressiva questa benedetta lingua italiana che abbiamo e che usiamo.
Nei tuoi versi  c’è proprio questo tentativo. I miei complimenti!
Alessandro Manotti Facebook commento a Come quando è inverno
Bellissima, complimenti come sempre! E’ un onore ospitare qui le tue poesie!
Cindow K Google + poem “The well of dreams”
Another masterpiece ! Thank you!!
+Kiku Koibito Thank you, Kiku.
Calvin Tucker Google + poem “Let me love you”
The words of this poem BLOWS my mind, even to the depth of my soul. WOW and WOW!!!
Helena Dias Google + poem “Let me love”, with the drawing “Coffer no.14”
First let me congratulate you… every art you post is always so beautiful, impressive … great artist you are. Looking at the eyes it seems she is looking into us ….
The poem is really a wondeful poem of love … with a captivating, inspiring, passionate and romantic words …
Lasciati amare e t’amerò d’amore. These two verses are so touched!!
Musicality Create Poem Pigeon comment to “Let me love you”
Beautifully composed & v. well written Gianfranco, picturesque, carrying the reader & audience into a reinassance of love. Magnificent.
krystal queen Google + poem “Let me love you”
Beautiful poem sensational picture, got lost in yr beautiful words
Kenneth Wisseman Google + poem “Let me love you”
Wow! You truly are gifted, so rare to see this… I too am an artist-poet, a very rare combination. The only famous poet I have read about that was Blake. I highly admire your drawing, so detailed! A very beautiful poem as well! Great job! I would love to see more of your work…
José Coelho Google + poem “Let me love you”
Linhas de uma pureza magistral!
Anna M Ayyad Facebook poem “Let me love you”
Wow Gianfranco, stunning. You are very talented. The drawing is extraordinary; at first I thought it was a pic. The poem is ethereal and evocative.
Miguel Brooks Facebook
In your wording we see true passion and love the heart of poetry expressions given with intensity
Cosmas Mairosi Facebook
There is something about the diction and imagery that lends power to your poems!
By Me For Me Facebook
I have been a fan of yours for ages… Your art and writings… Superb…
Gnazzo Giuseppina Facebook
…non c’è poeta più bravo di Gianfranco a far emergere i sentimenti da quelli più tristi a quelli più belli con una melodia poetica semplice, dolce e affascinante..